Tyskland 2015

Germany 2015 – German Alpine Road – Deutsche Alpenstrasse

The Eagle's Nest - Kehlstein

The Eagle’s Nest – Kehlstein

I have for a long time had a wish, to show my wife more of Germany than just Hamburg, which is a fantastic city.

Therefore we went to Germany this summer. With a lot of help from Mr. Volker Pott from Otto A. Müller, a German shipping company situated in Hamburg, we made a roundtrip  down on the eastern part of Germany, then crossing via the ‘Deutsche Alpenstrasse’ and then northwards on the western part of Germany.

The preliminary plan was as follows:

From To Route
Hundested Haitabu-Schleswig Map 1
Schleswig Neumünster Map 2
Neumünster Quedlingburg Map 3
Quedlingburg Eisenach Map 4
Eisenach Leipzig Map 5
Leipzig Dresden Map 6
Dresden Glashütte Map 7
Glashütte Regensburg Map 8
Regensburg Dachau Map 9
Dachau Salzburg Map 10
Salzburg Berchtesgaden Map 11
Berchtesgaden Köningssee Map 12
Köningsssee Garmish Partenkirchen Alpenstrasse 1
Garmish Partenkirchen Neuschwanstein Alpenstrasse 2
Garmish Partenkirchen Lindau Alpenstrasse 2+3
Lindau Schaffhausen Map 16
Schaffhausen Freiburg Map 17
Freiburg Zweibrücke Outlet Map 18
Zweibrücke Outlet Worms Map 19
Worms Rüdesheim Map 20
Rüdesheim Köln Map 21
Köln Hannover Map 22
Hannover Hamburg Map 23
Hamburg Hundested Map 24

But off course the route were altered !

So, if you like to read a detailed report, follow below links:

1. Hundested to Schleswig – Haithabu Viking Museum

2. Schleswig to Eisenach via Neumünster Designer Outlet

3. Eisenach to Dresden via Gera

4. Dresden to Regensburg

5. Regensburg to Berchtesgaden via Dachau and Salzburg

6. Berchtesgaden to Garmish Partenkirchen

7. Garmisch Partenkirchen to Schaffhausen via Lindau

8. Schaffhausen to Freiburg

9. Freiburg to Rüdesheim via Zweibrücke Outlet

10. Rüdesheim to Hamburg

11. Hamburg

12. Hamburg to Hundested via Kiel

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